At ForestEthics, we know life is complicated – sometimes it helps to break things down to the bare essentials: Air. Water. Wildlife. Health. A stable climate. Forests clean our air, purify our water, provide habitats for wildlife, and provide the core ingredients in medicines that literally save our lives. They’re also teeming with animals, insects, and plants. If you want to save the world, forests are a great place to start. And if you want to find one of the best organizations for the job, you’re in the right place. ForestEthics’ strategies are always a step ahead, and our results speak for themselves: we’ve secured protection agreements for 65 million acres of forests and helped move billions of dollars of corporate buying towards environmentally responsible market solutions.

We’ve achieved this tremendous success with the support of people like you, and by helping to move billions of dollars of corporate buying – from Fortune 500 companies like Dell, Staples, Office Depot, Victoria’s Secret, Williams-Sonoma, and many others – toward environmentally-friendly Market Solutions.

Recently, the Canadian government has been conducting an unprecedented dismantling of environmental laws and review processes — heavily scrutinizing environmental groups, and attempting to limit the public’s ability to advocate strongly and oppose these attacks. In response, we created two independent nonprofit entities in Canada, ForestEthics Solutions Society and ForestEthics Advocacy Association, in April 2012. ForestEthics Solutions continues to craft world-renown environmental solutions such as the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement and the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement. ForestEthics Advocacy is able to devote an unlimited amount of its time and resources to environmental advocacy-to ensure that destructive projects and weakened environmental laws are vigorously and successfully opposed. Learn more about these two entities in our FAQs.

Right now, we’re working to protect forests and wild places in Canada and the US, and making sure that the companies that produce or sell products from these places treat the land, the animals, and the people right. Sometimes that work has us lobbying the government of Ontario, sometimes it has us sitting at corporate boardrooms, and sometimes it has us protesting in front of brand-name businesses that you drive or walk by every week.

We are working hard to stop dirty energy projects like tar sands pipeline proposals by Enbridge and Kinder Morgan. Recently, years of campaigning amounted to a victory in British Columbia’s Sacred Headwaters, where Shell’s plan to drill for coalbed methane gas was thwarted and gas drilling was banned by the BC government. This win adds to the momentum we are gaining against Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project.

If you’re interested in protecting Endangered Forests and wild places, human well-being and wildlife, then you’re in the right spot. And if you find yourself in Vancouver, San Francisco, or Bellingham, Washington, we hope you’ll stop by and visit us!

Welcome to ForestEthics,

Todd Paglia
Executive Director