Our mission is to protect Endangered Forests, wildlife, and human well-being.

Our Vision

ForestEthics believes that protecting our planet is everyone’s business. Because of our work, environmentally responsible corporations and governments will thrive. Natural systems will be protected, and the people and wildlife that depend on them will prosper. Markets will be more transparent and ethical.

We imagine monumental success, and then make it happen.
Our commitment to a sustainable workplace ensures that we treat each other with the same reverence as the wild places, wildlife, and people that we serve.

Our Values

  • Respect: We act with integrity, honesty and the highest ethical standards in our treatment of people and the environment.
  • Personal well-being: We create a healthy, professional, and sustainable workplace, and provide our staff with opportunities to grow and thrive.  We honor our commitment to family, friends and community.
  • Innovation: We anticipate and respond to challenges and changes with courage, creativity and bold enthusiasm.
  • Results-driven: We are strategic and rigorous in our pursuit of excellence, and accountable to our stakeholders for the results of our decisions and actions.
  • Hope: We bring hope, optimism and perseverance to our work in the world, and strive to overcome the organizational, corporate and political barriers we face.

Our scope of work

ForestEthics’ campaigns consider all of the issues that affect wild places and the wildlife and people that depend on them—from biodiversity to air and water quality to climate change. We expand our work to new regions or issue areas when we can bring the leverage and power needed to win.