ForestEthics founder, Valerie Langer



For years we were told that we had to make a choice: we could either work with corporations or against them. We decided to do both—and we’ve become exponentially more powerful because of it. For example, our Victoria’s Dirty Secret campaign took on one of the largest catalog marketers in the world and converted it — and its parent company, Limited Brands — into a powerful environmental advocate.

We give companies the tools they need to be environmental leaders

When companies are ready to protect forests, wild places and the climate, we help them develop and implement sound policies through our Market Solutions department. We advise major companies about more environmentally and socially responsible choices for paper, wood and transportation fuels.

With the help of ForestEthics, a large and growing number of businesses have publicly announced actions they have taken to reduce the environmental and social impacts that come from fossil-fueled transportation. Participating companies range from American Eagle Outfitters to Walgreens. Full company list >>

The Market Solutions department helps companies distinguish themselves as environmental leaders and is also helping to support leading market standards and metrics.

We hold environmental offenders accountable

Sometimes companies need a little encouragement. When companies refuse to change their harmful practices, ForestEthics holds them publicly accountable. We get creative with online and offline actions, including protests, websites, email campaigns and national advertisements. No corporation can afford to have its brand be synonymous with environmental destruction.

Our strategy gets results

Our unique and powerful strategy of working with corporations and, when necessary, campaigning against them has helped us to win major environmental victories and agreements in many of the areas we work to protect.  So far we’ve protected 67 million acres (27 million hectares) of Endangered Forests. These areas include British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest and its Inland Temperate Rainforest, Canada’s Boreal forest, and Chile’s Native Forests.

Forests play an indispensible role in maintaining a healthy planet. At ForestEthics we’ve found that a variety of stakeholders—local communities, marketplace leaders, and conservation groups—need to be involved to make it happen. After all, we’re in this together.